The most important and unique aspect of horseback riding is the relationship between the rider and the horse.  At HUNKAPI Farms we focus on this often-neglected aspect in all of our equine-centered programming.  We firmly believe that it’s impossible to interact with a horse and walk away unchanged.  The Hunkapi programs all have one aim – to use the bond between horse and human as a catalyst for positive growth in the lives of our participants.

Our participants come from diverse backgrounds, abilities and from as young as 3 years through adulthood. We serve clients with a wide range of diagnoses including, but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Emotional Disorder, Addiction Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If you have questions about our services and payment methods, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

Speak with one of our intake specialists to determine which program will best help you or your child meet your goals.

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Therapeutic Riding

Our 4-legged healers work with our riding instructors – both PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) certified and HUNKAPI trained – to teach participants the art of horseback riding as a beneficial approach to improving health/well-being goals, and/or sensory and motor skills for coordination, posture, and balance.


If your goal is to improve balance, flexibility, muscle control, independence, and/or attention, we and our herd are here to help.

  • 30-minute private and semi-private and 60-minute group sessions available. Call our office and speak with one of our intake specialists to determine what class is best for you.
  • Ask about our Equine Special Olympics Team and how you can join!

Counseling and Life Skills

Does your life make you feel like your boots are stuck in the muck?

Move into the arena with the Hunkapi herd. 

Sometimes the easiest solutions to any life challenges aren’t found through words.  Our therapeutic philosophy is to help you move forward by interacting with our “herd,” which consists of three simple elements: a horse, a licensed therapist, and you.

Our horses use their primal instincts to give you profound feedback on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Meanwhile, our therapists are by your side to help you interpret and strategize, allowing you to mindfully move towards the life you want. All you have to do is show up, boots on, willing to play in the muck for awhile and ready for greener pastures.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Leave each session with a new sense of freedom and mindfulness

Sometimes the easiest solutions to life challenges aren’t found through words.  Our therapeutic philosophy is to help you move forward through your interactions with our herd.  There are three elements to this approach, a horse, a licensed therapist and you.

Our horses use their primal instincts to give you profound feedback on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while a therapist is by your side to help you interpret and strategize. With the therapist’s facilitation, you have the freedom to fully experience in your body how you relate to the horse and to learn from and delve into that experience and move towards the life you want and deserve.  All you have to do is show up, boots on, willing to play in the muck, and ready for greener pastures.

Specialized Equine Assisted therapy programs help you work on your therapeutic goals.  Focus is placed on:

  • Building healthy relationships and connecting with others
  • Regulating thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Identifying strengths
  • Learning how to say what you mean and mean what you say

By changing your actions in the arena today, you can improve your reactions, relationships, and life tomorrow. Jump out of your head and into your heart with the support of the Hunkapi herd today.

Family, group and individual sessions are available.


First Responder Program

The First Responder Program began in January 2019 and provides equine Somatic Experiencing to first responders looking for tools to reduce their stress. Hunkapi Programs’ model includes focusing on the psycho education of the somatic effect of prolonged and consistent exposure to traumatic events and implementation of mindfulness and somatic experience into the therapeutic processes both in and out of the arena with our four-legged healers. First Responders will exit with improved understanding of their soma and nervous system, decreased feelings of stress and increased feelings of self efficacy to handle work and life stressors. Hunkapi also is committed to decreasing the shame and stigma around seeking help and services through education and normalizing the stress response inherent to being a front line worker.

Current Group Programming: Please register below. This program is open to all First Responders. If you any questions about this program, please contact our office at or 480.393.0870. We will be in touch once you register with additional information and release forms.

*The First Responder Group is open to fire, police, sheriff's, EMT’s, dispatcher's, crime scene investigator's, and veteran's.

Family First Responder Intensive Day

Join us for a unique and empowering experience tailored for the families of our dedicated first responders and veterans. This 4-hour intensive program is designed to foster stress reduction, enhance communication, and strengthen the bonds between parents and children. A dinner on our beautiful Manna Lawn will conclude the evening. This event is completely FREE. Each date is a separate event; please choose which date works best for you and your family. We hope you can join us!

Event Highlights:

  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on activities that promote stress reduction techniques for both parents and children.
  • Building Common Language: Strengthen the family unit by creating a common language that enhances understanding and communication.
  • Tailored for First Responders: Explore specialized techniques that address the unique challenges faced by first responders. Gain insights into managing stress and fostering well-being within the family dynamic.
  • Kids and Parents Together: Through collaborative activities, parents and children will work together to build a stronger connection, fostering mutual understanding and support.

Choose Your Date:
Future dates will be announced on this page and our social media channels.

Snacks, Dinner & Water provided

*This event is exclusively open to fire, police, sheriff's, EMT’s, dispatcher's, crime scene investigator's, and veteran's.

Emotional Regulation

Is your child acting angry? Sad? Hurt? Depressed? Are they having anger outbursts or experiencing overwhelming anxiety? Are they challenged in developing healthy relationships with peers?

Do you feel fearful, overwhelmed, or at a loss for how to have a healthy and loving relationship with your child?

The Hunkapi herd is here to teach you the skills to regulate your emotions and bring healthy management skills back into you and your child's life.


Team Building

Horse Play is anything but business as usual.

In just three purposeful hours, our facilitators and four-legged business coaches can create ah-ha moments, shift dynamics, and create new behaviors and concrete change in the workplace.


Check your suits and grab your boots.

A fresh leap on team-building that will challenge your herd to move mindfully towards greater productivity, communication and rapport building.

We’ve all done them—the ziplines, the climbing walls, the orienteering challenges. These team-building exercises can certainly be helpful, but sometimes you need something truly original to drive your employees to come together as a herd.

Does your team feel: Unproductive? Disconnected? Unmotivated? Disgruntled?

Take 3 hours to positively transform your team.

Our world-class facilitators will professionally integrate your pre-determined goals into each activity in the arena, highlighting the strengths of each team member while challenging barriers to performance.

Why choose Horse Play over a team-building program elsewhere?

Our four-legged business coaches bring challenges to light in an indisputable fashion, while our facilitator creates an environment of openness, learning, and change.

Horseplay is more than just a fun exercise—it’s an investment in your workforce

Horses provide immediate feedback about your group dynamics. Only when your team works together in a positive way can the collective goal be accomplished.

Horses require that we be our authentic selves. An afternoon in the arena with them heightens openness, awareness, and opportunity to see leadership potential.

Addiction / Recovery

Do you feel alone? Are you feeling angry, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed? Are you having outbursts of emotion? Are you having trouble forming healthy relationships and creating new, healthy habits?

Learn to identify and control your urges and build relationships with those most important to you. Pull up your boots and get ready to take back control of your life. 


I cannot show enough appreciation for the therapists and horses at Hunkapi. The simple, yet profound techniques created self-realizations that were monumental in my recovery. Now I have them for life. Thank you!

Rudy M.

Equine therapy has been one of the most influential and introspective forms of treatment I have ever received. Thank you Hunkapi!

Tony C.

We would just like to thank the staff at Hunkapi for the genuine love that is present on the BEAUTIFUL grounds, from the staff, horses, Patrick and Lulu, and everyone we meet each week. My son's instructor, Ms D is so patient, kind, knowledgeable and has developed a wonderful rapport with our son. He has thrived at Hunkapi, and has developed so many skills that he didn't have before. He looks forward to his lesson each week. He has become so confident in himself and he has generalized this confidence to other areas of his life. We feel so blessed to have found this beautiful space. Thank you!

My daughter is always excited and full of joyful stories when she gets in the car when I pick her up. To see her smile again is amazing. This facility has given her joy back to her life.

My daughter has anxiety. She has been coming to Hunkapi for a little over 2 years and it is her happy place. She asks to go there and when she is there her confidence in herself shines. She is a different person at Hunkapi.

My son has had only four lessons, but I can already tell how much of an impact it's making on him. He's so calm and confident when he's finished. The other day I saw him trotting along by himself and it brought tears to my eyes. He looked so strong and happy up there on his horse. Even though we are new to Hunkapi, I really do adore it so much.