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Terra Schaad

Founder & Executive Director
Terra Schaad, is the Executive Director and founder of Hunkapi Programs, Inc. and Hunkapi Farms, in Scottsdale, Arizona where the focus is “teaching the world to fear less and love more” through equine assisted psychotherapy and somatic healing. Terra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University, a Master of Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University and holds specialty training in Somatic Experience. In the years 2010-2012, Terra had the extraordinary opportunity to live in Italy and work at the University of Iowa’s CIMBA, and international MBA Business program. Her time there allowed her to lead and coach international students and executives through a rigorous leadership development program while researching the effect of applying neurobiofeedback, psychological assessments, and mindfulness on emotional regulation in leadership and the workplace. For the past 23 years, Terra has combined her love of horses and her passion to help people live optimally. Terra has been honored by the Arizona Capitol Times with the “Women Achievers of Arizona in 2019”, recognized by Governor Douglas A. Ducey when given the State of Arizona Commendation in 2020, and was honored with the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2023 Outstanding Women in Bussiness Award and “20 Names to Know in Valley” for Nonprofits. She is a three-time Ironman Finisher and recently fulfilled a long-time goal of running the Boston Marathon. Terra combines her education, intuition, and experience to observe and interpret individual and group behavior while giving immediate, tangible feedback that will challenge you to move mindfully and live optimally.

*If you are seeing Terra for equine assisted psychotherapy services, this is a supervised private practice. It is owned and/or managed by a masters level, non-independent licensee under board approved clinical supervision pursuant to AACR4-6-211. The Board approved clinical supervisor of this practice is: David Seth Jenkins, 480-318-9707, email 

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Jennifer Warner

Accounts Manager
Jennifer is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and joined the Hunkapi team in January 2020.  She currently serves as our Accounts Manager and has 30 years of management and accounting experience.  Jennifer loves working at Hunkapi because of the incredible impact made on our community every day.  The farm provides such a vital resource to the community and enriches so many lives, and Jennifer feels incredibly fortunate to be part of this family.

Jordy Bender

Farm Director
Jordy oversees our herd of healing animals, farm projects and farm care team. His more detailed bio will be added soon.
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Seth Jenkins

Clinical Supervisor
Seth has been working in the behavioral health field since 2005 when he began as a Behavioral Health Technician while putting himself through graduate school. Seth has had a broad range of experience and titles. Seth has enjoyed being a leader of groups as a facilitator, as well as a leader of clinical teams through program direction, development and clinical supervision. Seth was employed by Calvary Healing Center until June 2016 and served numerous roles from primary therapist to Director of Outpatient services.

Beth Zahgotah

Animal Care Manager
Beth grew up in Central Indiana and has been in Arizona since 2003. Beth comes from the White Mountains and Tucson area and just moved to Scottsdale to join the Hunkapi Team. Beth has worked with adults and children teaching coping and life skills since 2009. Beth’s favorite way to teach coping and life skills is by using Equine Therapy. Beth has twenty-eight years of experience with horses. Beth comes to the team with experience in running her own horseback riding stables, co-facilitating equine therapy, and animal care management. Beth loves to be a part of each person’s journey alongside the animals letting love enter a bright new tomorrow.
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Luz & Mario

Farm Caretakers
Luz & Mario have been taking care of the farm for the past 24 years. They are a huge asset to Hunkapi Farms as they care for every single individual animal from feeding them to building items needed on the farm. We appreciate everything they do for the farm!
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Diana Unaitis

Born in Portland, Oregon, Diana was raised on a farm with six brothers and sisters. At an early age she became involved in the local 4-H program where she showed sheep and horses. Specializing in horses, she competed in long distance trail rides, county fairs, and open shows. As her passion for horses grew, she began training and showing many different breeds of domesticated horses, as well as wild mustangs. At the age of 16 she began volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable, where the Executive Director introduced her to dressage eventing horses. Diana has been with Hunkapi Programs for 22 years and has seen the ever growing love of the farm each and every day.
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Jennifer Benacci

Behavioral Health Practitioner
Jen grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania where her journey and passion for horses began at the age of 5 when a neighbor gave her and her siblings a Shetland pony. Having the opportunity to care for, ride, and show horses led to an awareness and appreciation of horses’ innate ability to help us see our strengths, heal and work through our challenges. Jen graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies and a Master degree in Education. Jen is grateful to support a diverse client population working to increase personal awareness, access strength, and heal from emotional trauma by utilizing the power and grace of our herd.

Sandra Dantes

Licensed Master Social Worker
Sandra's more detailed bio will be added soon.

Gabbie Krause

Gabbie is a California native who fell in love with Arizona while attending Northern Arizona University. After completing her undergraduate degree at NAU in Learning and Pedagogy, Gabbie went on to pursue her Master’s in Elementary Education from ASU. At Hunkapi, she combines her passions of teaching, riding horses, and farm life at large. As a young girl, Gabbie rode as a show-jumper and still holds many memories of how peaceful and free horses made her feel. As an adult, she enjoys sharing that passion with clients at Hunkapi. Her favorite part of working at the farm is matching clients with horses that will brighten their smile and open their heart. When she isn’t in session, Gabbie enjoys grooming and connecting with horses Jimmy, Gorgeous, and Ari.

Amy Schecterson

Amy believes that by bringing more humans-to-horses and horses-to-humans, the lives of both can be saved. She is the proud horse-mom to two Arabian geldings and has volunteered many hours with the Amateur Committee of the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona. As an Equine Behavioral Health Technician at Hunkapi, Amy is embracing her passion for horses and helping others; she has seen first-hand the dynamic shifts that take place in partnership with horses and the best part is that one does not need to be a horsey person to get amazing results with equine facilitated interventions. Amy is in the process of earning her certification as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning through PATH Int’l while remaining involved in clinical research as a consultant working on clinical trials focused on behavioral health.

Kailey Bryant

Kailey was born and raised in southern California and moved to Arizona in 2015. As a child, her first "job" was cleaning stables and caring for horses in exchange for horseback riding lessons, which fueled her love of animals and hard work ethic. From a young age, Kailey had a passion for helping those in need and working with children. She later turned that passion into a career by completing her master’s of science in clinical psychology, specializing in childhood trauma and the effect it has on the brain. Her background includes working with teenagers and adults with psychosis, children with special physical and emotional needs, conducting family counseling and trauma therapy sessions, and working with the Department of Child Safety and those in foster care. As a place of healing for both people and animals, Hunkapi is the perfect fit for Kailey and her passions.
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Kristi Shambaugh

Team Building Facilitator
Kristi Shambaugh began volunteering at Hunkapi Programs in February 2019 and joined the staff later that year as a part-time HR Representative.  Kristi leverages her years of experience in HR and training environments in large corporations to help build and guide practices at Hunkapi.  Her love for the mission and work of the organization, as well as admiration for the two and four-legged staff, inspires her desire to make a difference with her contributions.
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Jill Rivera

Sales & Marketing Associate
Jill Rivera joined Hunkapi Programs in the beginning of June 2021. Jill is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and grew up around many different animals. Jill has a demonstrated history of working in multiple industries with a diverse client base. She previously worked for a local magazine publication and PR marketing firm where she gained experience in client service, sales, project management, marketing, and social media. She went to Phoenix College and graduated in 2016 with an Associate's Degree in digital photography. She is currently working on her Nonprofit Marketing and Strategic Communications Certificate through ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. Alongside these skillsets, she is a professional portrait photographer who has won awards at Phoenix College for her work as well as shown at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Toni Keberlein

Volunteer Coordinator
Toni Keberlein recently moved to Scottsdale from Flagstaff. She joined Hunkapi as a volunteer in September 2020 after retiring from a 20+ year career in education as both a teacher and most recently, a school administrator. Having worked with many different populations of students over the years, Hunkapi seemed like the perfect place to volunteer especially since she always loved being around horses. She became a member of the staff in January of 2021.
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Cari Schaffer

Assistant Office Manager & BHT
Born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, Cari’s love for horses began at a young age. Growing up, she rode English and had a horse named Sadie. Cari also enjoys racing motocross as a hobby. From cantering on a horse to clearing a double, Cari loves all things fast. She graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in biology, and at the age of 26, Cari became a licensed attorney. Driven to help others, Cari advocated for her clients in the courtroom and now she continues to advocate for all humans and animals on the farm. Here at Hunkapi, she is able to combine her lifelong passion for horses and helping people, making it the perfect career fit.

Roxanne Holcomb

Compliance & Quality Improvement Specialist
The beautiful state of Arizona and all it has to offer brought Roxanne here in 1979. She started out her career in the medical industry. This gave a path to many different opportunities, most of which consisted of practice management for family care as well as surgical specialties. Roxanne also attended a surgical technology program and graduated with honors. While managing practices, her love of horses never went unnoticed and eventually brought her to running a very large equine facility for boarding and training in the Cave Creek area.

Hortencia Suniga

Intake Specialist
Hortencia is originally from New York and moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1988. Being a Marine wife/Mom has given her an opportunity to live everywhere, experience new cultures, languages, food, and all kinds of new people! She has a Bachelor’s in Human Services in Youth and Family Administration. She is bilingual and loves to be the voice for those who cannot advocate for themselves. She believes that nature and animals can be so therapeutic. She loves to help children and their families. She believes in kindness and always having a BIG smile when she meets anyone.

Michele Volpe

Office Assistant
Michele's more detailed bio will be added soon.
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Isabella Stenzell

Admin Assistant
Isabella's more detailed bio will be added soon.

Mitzy Castro

EA & Receptionist
Mitzy's more detailed bio will be added soon.
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Deb Sheldon

Deb's more detailed bio will be added soon.

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