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What they say about work on a farm is true: it never stops! We rely on the support of community members, like you, to keep Hunkapi Programs operating. The best way to financially support the farm is to make a donation towards the General Fund, which goes to supporting our most immediate and greatest needs.

What's even better is that Hunkapi Programs qualifies for the Arizona Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations, designed to help you reduce your state tax liability and help local children at the same time.This tax credit allows for donations made to Hunkapi Programs to be refunded to the taxpayer not as a deductible but as a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR TAX CREDIT, up to $400 for single taxpayers and $800 for married taxpayers filing jointly. Once, you donate, download Form 321 for your taxes.

Simply put, this means that you are "loaning" Hunkapi your donation amount and that the next time you file your taxes, the amount of your donation will be added to your tax refund. It does not cost you a dime to donate (up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples)!

IRS Tax ID: 26-3902877 | QCO Code: 21993

If you have any questions or concerns about donating to Hunkapi, please contact


Fully Pampered Pony

Provide a horse with new shoes and farrier visits, regular immunizations, worming, vet exam and nutritional supplements for a full year, plus a new halter, fly mask and all feeding and care.


Eat Your Greens

Provide a horse with a year's worth of nutritional supplements, wormings, immunizations, grain feedings, and hay. 


Sleep Easy

Provide a horse with shavings, auto-waterer, new feed bucket, and clean stall for an entire year.


Prada for Ponies

Provide a horse with six months of new shoes and farrier visits.


The Nitty Gritty

Provide a horse with hay and/or grain three times a day for one month.

Hunkapi Founder & Legacy Bricks


We are excited to announce our Hunkapi Legacy Bricks. Purchase your brick to pave the way for many others to join in our mission to teach the world to fear less and love more through equine therapy services.


Mini Founder Brick - $50, 3x3

Pony Founder Brick - $100, 4x8

Horse Founder Brick - $250, 8x8

Draft Founder Legacy Brick

(Includes Company Logo) - $1,000, 8x8

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The "Limitless Possibilities" Scholarship Fund

The "Limitless Possibilities" Scholarship Fund is a scholarship for children of single parents to help with healing after divorce or trauma and for developing mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Hunkapi’s equine-assisted work with children of single parents is helping young people truly open their hearts, allow healing in and embrace the limitless possibilities that exist for them. This scholarship is open to children of single parents who need financial assistance for our services.

To donate to the "Limitless Possibilities" Scholarship Fund, please click below.

In Memory of Lindsay Marsh

Lindsay Marsh loved the herd as much as the children and adults that we serve. She was committed and we felt her commitment because she’d come running to help in a moments notice with equal enthusiasm to scoop poop or set up for our annual gala. She learned to be still in a way that you could feel completely safe with her at the end of the lead rope in a therapeutic riding session; in a way that was felt from the instructor to the child on the back of the horse. She was a busy body in everything she did, but not when she was with the horses or children and that’s how we knew they had settled her spirit. She loved deeply and fought for them to live as much as she grieved at their passing and she loved two so much she had them tattooed on her skin- Clarabelle and Buddy.

In 2022 she volunteered over 600 hours at our farm and we are grateful for every moment we got to spend with her here.

She used to say that volunteering was her therapy and the farm was heaven and so we’ll forever hold her the beauty of her spirit in the soul of this farm. Rest easy, dear Lindsay and give a kiss to Buddy and Clarabelle. We love you.

To donate to the "In Memory of Lindsay Marsh" Fund, please click below. This funding will directly go to the care of our herd.

Corporate Sponsorships

Hunkapi is so grateful for our corporate sponsors!

Corporate sponsors have many options here at the farm, whether they would like to sponsor facility improvements, the care of a herd member, or one of our events. To begin the process, contact us and let us know how your company would like to become involved!


Passive Fundraising

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Transform every online purchase into a 5.5% donation for Hunkapi Programs, Inc.

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